Asteroids Tea Light


Our widely popular Asteroid chandelier finds an attractive variant in this tea lights. Modern, whimsical and refreshingly unique, this cosmos-inspired design in charcoal coloured handblown glass enhances your collection of interior décor accessories.

  • Dimension: Small Size - 4", Medium Size - 7", Large Size - 11"
  • Weight: Small Size - 0.210 gm, Medium Size - 0.240 gm, Large Size - 0.240 gm
Delivery Time: Puppy Decanter 2 Weeks, Others 4-8 Weeks  
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Welcome asteroids season 2.0 at Klove! An evergreen bestseller collection, our asteroid chandelier line adds a new variant in this tea light. Savour the cosmos-inspired design elements brought to life in charcoal-coloured handblown glass.

Let your eyes travel along the non-linear patterns of the tea light. It expands the scope and depth of design in a tea light by refusing to follow code pretty and opting for the abstract.

Emboldened with the power to evoke the allure of an asteroid, this object packs edge with verve to uplift a neo-glamorous space. You would surely not want to miss out on having this unconventional beauty at your sitting room or guest welcome reception area.

Additional information

Additional information



Main Material

Handblown Glass




Small Size – 0.210 gm, Medium Size – 0.240 gm, Large Size – 0.240 gm


Small Size – 4", Medium Size – 7", Large Size – 11"


Large, Medium, Small

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