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The Charming Candelabra: A Testament to Luxury Lighting

Typically, a candelabra is a set of candlesticks with multiple branches or arms, which are used to hold the candlesticks. In the olden world, this ornamental arrangement had a latent symbolic undercurrent with its seven branches symbolising seven days of Creation.

With time this ornate, branched lighting fixture suspended from the ceiling, also known as chandelier, has replaced candles with electric lights, and more recently LED lights. Klove has a specialised repertoire of LED chandeliers, candelabrum and even retro-chic, candle-style chandelier light fittings. Take your pick from Klove’s glamorous array to add stunning lighting styles to your lounge, living room, private theatre, hallway and even the bedroom.


A symbol of period romance, chandeliers hark back to the times of palatial magnificence, society living and even decadence. A hallmark of prestige and luxury, these gala light settings were popular in palaces and villas as early as the 15th century. With technical advancement, chandeliers gained in optical grandeur and roped in Gothic elements like pointed arches. In the 18th century, glass and lead were incorporated into the design of crystal chandeliers that went on to become a coveted item of luxury décor. At Klove, feast your eyes on traditional crystal and vintage chandelier lights to contemporary chandeliers. Modern-day chandeliers fit closer to the ceilings making them an ideal choice lower ceiling height.

The LED Intervention

The electric light bulb innovation in 1879 revolutionised the way chandeliers looked. Later, LED ceiling lights became the mainstay.  

Here, there are three distinctions.

Uplight chandeliers

Looking upwards, light in uplight chandeliers reflects around the space, creating an all-round illuminated effect.

Downlight chandeliers

Offering a narrowed down, unobstructed light, this setting is ideal for optimally lighting a particular corner.

Ambient chandelier lighting

These create non-direct soothing ambient lighting for the entire space.

Klove’s skilled artisans who bring their expertise from across India are trained to considering the lumen output of chandelier lighting, as it’s key to creating chandeliers for different rooms/ spaces and purposes.

Chandeliers with real candle lights are not in currency anymore. However, LED chandeliers closely imitate that nostalgic candle-like design in a more power-saving and output-maximised manner. Klove’s LED chandeliers are similarly suited to recreate period ornateness through visual references as well as offer purely minimalist centrepieces with clean lines and geometric shapes. The choice is yours: rustic charm, Tiffany classic, Gothic romance or modern minimalism?



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