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How Sculptural Shapes Are Redefining the Concept of Lighting

If the world today is all about a hybrid mix of image, impulse and inspiration, then design itself is a mood in motion. A fleeting flow of emotions, expressed perfectly by the minimalist zeitgeist of our times.

Move over the orthodox light design constrained by its functional role of supporting the quintessential light bulb. Modern lighting today has embraced sculptural shapes and gravity-defying designs. The result? Lighting that is elevated beyond its functional role to the realm of art.

If minimalism is your muse, then you would fall for this intelligent trend where functionality meets art in lighting design. However, the fluid interplay of light and shadows and the unrestrained body of shapes can also bring in the perfect theatrical mood for the more unapologetically opulent space. Sculptural lighting fixtures are abundant in an array of chandeliers, sconces, table and floor lamps. A play of shape-shifting silhouettes, shades and materials have augmented the utilitarian objectivity of lights to emit a sense of controlled aesthetic passion. From artistic ceramic sculptural lights to sculptural chandeliers, choose from a breathtaking oeuvre.

At Klove, our team of lighting designers work assiduously to dive into this rising phenomenon. Choose from our offering of sculptural lighting in an array of table lamps. The humble table lamp need not be devoid of beauty and the charming chandelier can be as boldly sculpted as you want.

Visual art has harnessed the essence and element of light in the production of a rare consortium of products that are both aesthetic-approved and collection-worthy. In light art works, light is a medium of expression, wherein by its very definition either a sculpture produces light, or where any kind of disembodied sculptural presence is created through the manipulation of light, colours and shadows.

As sculptural lighting fixtures lead the conversation with their art-meets-functionality credo, lighting designers worldwide are waxing eloquent about this smart, yet striking ushering of art into your modern homes.

For his recent show “Dawn” at Matter in New York City, Bellardi Ricci presented a series of modular lighting fixtures using strategically folded aluminium to refract the warmth of light, in an effect he describes as “being similar to a hand shielding a flame”.

“In my experience, people want more than just functional lights or traditional decorative lamps,” he says. “They’re looking for evocative light-emitting pieces, closer to light sculptures or light objects with spatial benefits. In the spaces that we live in, we generally like to surround ourselves with objects that have a story.” Ricci was referring to the latent theatrical element of an artistically carved lighting piece that breaks the monotony of a space and infuses a bit of playful drama, OTT or not.

Depending on your requirements, you can opt for these experimental sculptural lighting installations for indoor and outdoor spaces ranging from gallery or museum exhibits to open-air festivals. For the more intimate space of your home, you need not go too overboard but at the same time opt for a striking piece of beauty in the shape of a lamp, chandelier or sconce to give a visual character to your restrained space.

Created in the disharmonious harmony of art and light, Klove delights in its urban, minimal and abstract sculptural lights. Choose from a happy confluence of fluid shapes or simple orbs, some of Klove’s stunning sculptural lighting pieces. We are happy to customise the pieces as per the setting and scale you desire and the design you envision.

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