How Light Colour Therapy is an Antidote to Depression

Cold, dark and depressing. Lonely is the space bereaved of light. While darkness has its own necessity and allure, light is lusciousness and laughter. It is cheer and charm. The warmth and radiance of light streaking through the “winter of our discontent”, in William Shakespeare’s words, maybe too distant to imagine under the Indian summer, but one would hardly argue that in light there lies therapy for our dreary souls.

Depression is the word that we are going to discuss today. Well, not so much in clinical terms but how light helps alleviate depression. Did you know that a sun lamp or a SAD lamp is used to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? It mimics natural outdoor light to administer light box or bright light therapy to treat SAD, which is a type of depression that typically occurs during fall and winter. Well, Klove has a range of SAD lamps emitting bright fluorescent light that could be your perfect therapeutic companion. Choose the shape of your customised Klove light box – from that of a treehouse to a bird cage – and take delight in its artistic appeal.

Let There be Colour

Bright white light is amply used to treat depression. It is shown to suppress melatonin (the hormone that controls the sleep-wake cycle), synchronize circadian rhythms and soothe anxiety. The spectral colour of light is significant to understand its therapeutic quality. Green light is known to be equally uplifting for one’s mood. At Klove, LED sleep lights are attuned to provide that balmy antidote to feelings of unrest and fatigue, to lull you into a sweet cycle of rest and sleep.

Lighting infuses colour into our lives in more ways than we imagine. If disco lights are known for being zany and neon-approved, LED lighting complements more calming and refined encounters.     

Certain colours of lighting act as a balm for the forlorn mind, as a nostalgia for the lovelorn mind.

From muted magnificence and celestial glow to the splendour of happy hues, the universe of lighting installations at Klove spans the magic of space and art. Take Klove studio’s Light-Objects that are set against soothing and washed canvas-like surfaces where space merges with the objects. The colour of light shines through the fluidity in design and spirit.

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