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Light as A Form or Function

Form or Function: How Modern Lighting is Revolutionising Spatial Contexts

A room, dining area, lounge or garden arena – any space is blank space until light lends it a function. Any spatial form is accentuated with the use of intuitive lighting. Light is to space what meaning is to word.  

Lighting sets the mood of a place as different lighting schemes reflect and modulate the slightest variations in human mood and also behaviour.

The world of lighting is not static; its dynamic and diverse. Recent developments in lighting technology like the arrival of LED lights, for instance means that interior designers now use lighting to convey the functionality of the space around us. At Klove, our artists are guided by this thought such that they create and develop lighting elements and schemes that are able to organically enhance the inherent characteristics of the space. 


From the architectural details of the space, which include the period in which it was built to the furniture, art works and the intended purpose for which the space was constructed are all different dimensions that lighting highlights and complements. Consider the lighting requirements of a 19th-century, Victorian-era villa to that of a modern co-working place – both these spaces have diametrically opposing lighting requirements as they are intended for very different purposes and supposed to convey very different metaphysical associations. In both these places the lighting has to reflect the space itself and not alter or take away from it, but increase its functionality. Advances in material sciences means that designers can now focus more on lighting structures and schemes than on details like wiring overheads and power consumption. At Klove, our radical new lighting schemes replicate nature in personal spaces, while a variety of cutting-edge lighting installations merge productivity and functionality with creativity.

How we perceive light is going through a tectonic shift. Lighting is not only a crucial element for productivity but also a critical element of how we perceive spaces around us.

Klove is at the forefront of this new creative lighting movement of rediscovering evolving properties of light. The grammar of Klove is embedded in using light to open up hitherto unexplored dimensions to our exploration of space itself.





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