Light, Joy, Zest: A Window to Hope and Happiness

Light is the harbinger of hope. Light is aspiration that dispels an era of darkness; it is a symbol of knowledge that conquers age-old ignorance.
Every morning the light of the sun ushers in a new ray of hope reassuring humanity of the cyclical rhythm of nature.

At Klove, the deeply spiritual quality of light is harvested to reflect in the aura and significance of its lighting fixtures. A sliver of light piercing through the still water of a lake is a snapshot of beauty in transience; so is a Klove LED lighting installation cutting through the monotony and starkness of space. Light lightens up; its luminescence brings jouissance.

Light is symbolic of an eternal quest for happiness. From the sun to the moon and stars, it is light that enables us to visualise the wide, open sky. At Klove, the design philosophy is embedded in the thought that light enables us to look beyond the shore and imagine the wide, wild sea. It is light that is the source of life in plants and the animal world. Light is life. So, Klove draws amply from nature and its vast nourishing source of light to inform the core of its creations.

Light has been a propelling force of human civilisation too. Light is that engine of progress that fuels the pursuit of knowledge. It is empowering when a child reads under light and it ignites her mind to the limitless world of possibilities.

On a lighter note, the prospect of a candlelight dinner is quintessential. It is ingrained in the concept of romance and the beauty of quiet, personal relationships.

It is this sublimity, tranquility and positivity of light that Klove pays an ode to through its oeuvre of artistic handmade sculptural lights and lighting installations. Klove’s experiments with light as manifested in dynamic spatial forms is a testament to its commitment to the eternal philosophy of light – that is to usher in hope, happiness and harmony.
To tweak what the poet John Keats said: A thing of (beauty) light is a joy forever.


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