Lighting up Human Behaviour

Light has as much physiological as psychological impact.

Studies show that lighting affects the psychological spectrum of humans in myriad ways. It influences human behaviour through colours or hue, intensity and wavelengths. The frequency of coloured light akin to the “frequency” of radio waves, is a form of energy. Every colour has a matching frequency, and it resonates differently with us. At Klove, our artistically engineered light installations with a warm infusion of soft yellow or muted red are meant to soothe your nerves. It’s no wonder that soft yellow lighting conjures the image of a soothing or romantic moment.

Not just emotions, lighting can impact our circadian rhythm – an organic process that regulates the sleep cycle as well. From alertness to fatigue, the tonal texture of indoor lighting can influence one’s behaviour.

In fact, in the age of Instagram, mood lighting has come to represent the zeitgeist of our times. “Mood” refers to the most transient yet fascinating aspect of human behaviour, while “lighting” refers to functional ingenuity. The consumerist space of lighting has evolved in the modern times to encompass different facets of intuitive living. Klove’s mood lighting spectrum is intuitively built to complement a wide range of variations in human mood. From soft red to painterly blue, from criss-cross panels of light to blooming flower and halo formation through light; there’s food for every mood.     

Blue/white light that boosts our energy levels is not conducive for a good sleep. The wavelengths emitted by blue light are known to heighten sensitivity, while red light is known to suppress activity levels hence making for a good choice during bedtime or an evening of leisure post work.

Lighting manifested in a spatial context has the potential to elevate cognitive behaviour. Hence, ergonomic design stresses on the importance of lighting to enhance spaces. Lighting is said to stir emotions by taking people through a memory ride or mapping associations through a visual and sensory play.

At Klove Studio, our handblown glass lighting installations skilfully designed by India’s talented artisans showcase a journey in roots and radiance, culture and colours, shapes and stories. While natural light is best to augment human behavioural indices, the avant-garde lighting at Klove intuitively channels the positivity of natural light and the mood marvels of modern design.

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