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Mid-century Modern: Revisiting Minimalism in The Current Times

Simple, refined lines flowing into ornate borders, a primarily neutral colour scheme complementing white walls and wooden floors interspersed with brown and cream and fuss-free vintage furniture all scream the mid-century modern look that is still enjoying popularity well after more than half a century of its origin, effortlessly navigating the classic and contemporary worlds.

The mid-century modern and minimalism are known to make a happy pair as all the above elements are common to both, especially the predominant use of black and metallic accents that give the iconic minimalist sheen and spin to the mid-century modern look. The abundance of negative space left around vintage furniture items lays a minimalist foundation, bringing balance between classic and contemporary ideas. Classic furniture pieces in wood or leather in browns accented with black or gold scream mid-century modern, recent decor schemes also feature bolder flushes of colour.

At klove Studio, our lighting designers brainstorm to bring out beautifully evocative modernist classic renditions of mid-century modern minimalist style.
Here are a few ideas that inspire our specimens.

Spanning several reinterpretations, the Sputnik chandelier remains a standard mid-century modern lighting fixture. Originally inspired by and named after the first space satellite to circle the globe in 1957, it was roughly the size of a beach ball, and it had several antennas sticking out from the middle. Today, you can choose from several minimalist mid-century modern takes on the Sputnik chandelier. Think crystal accents, globe bulbs, gold tones and brass finish as they let this lighting beauty seamlessly fit into the wood furniture and vintage furnishings scheme.

Pendants are the poster child of mid-century modern lighting. Tinted pendant lights materialised in neutral tones are both elegant and lightweight fixtures. These are so versatile that they can be mounted anywhere in the home. This is metallics with the right sheen and sensuality. klove houses an array of dainty pendant lights that are so mid-century modern.


From retro industrial lights to skylights that optimise natural daylight, trust these vintage fixtures to usher the best of warmth and glow.

Love the mid-century modern table lamp in a sculptural shape? Well, you can let your imagination flow by choosing artistic patterns or geometric grids at the base. A golden finish would definitely bring some muted glam. This one’s surely meant for the lover of quirk. However, if you love the classic vibe, then go for coordinated white table lamps that would offset dark dark furnishings.

A nostalgic exercise in the mid-century modern style for lighting is the hourglass shape. A retro hourglass chandelier with a white powdery finish is all you need to uplift your dining space. It will seamlessly flow into the space yet exude a sense of drama.
Flush mount lighting is yet another stunning accompaniment to the mid-century modern minimalist look. Known as the ‘schoolhouse fixture’, flush mount lighting complements farmhouse-inspired design tableau.

Finally, can we call it mid-century modern if we don’t give a shoutout to the glam chandelier in golden base (even better if you get that Hollywood nudge in its design elements)? Remember, metallics ooze the ultimate shiny and sleek minimalist vibe with an aura of elegance. Come, visit Klove to rediscover the minimalist nuances of the mid-century modern style.


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