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Inside the World of Industrial Lighting

Exposed brick? Weathered wood? Rustic metal accents? Well, chances are if you are a fan of industrial-inspired interiors, you have come across these terms. And, industrial-inspired interiors call for industrial-style lighting.

What is the fundamental philosophy of industrial design? The root concept is to leverage or optimise space and recycle raw materials. It’s where utility meets art with an edge. Steel, metal, wood and reclaimed objects are repurposed into chandeliers, lamps, sconces and pendant lights.

Industrial-style homes also celebrate the do-it-yourself (DIY) spirit that channels salvaged objects like wood and mason jars into pretty objects of lighting (desire) by mixing them with unexpected materials — a happy instance of form meeting function.

Any industrial-style interior would call forth creative lighting ideas. From pendant lights to the romanticised aluminium bulb cages, to steel or ribbed glass shades, it’s a world of material marvels.

Looking for a matte black pendant or a pair of distressed bronze pendants to enhance your refurbished loft inject industrial flair into a modern interior? Industrial-style pendant lights are a non-fussy elegant pick for your modern space. In fact, the urban loft-inspired industrial lighting trend has been capturing the imagination of city dwellers like never before.

Edison bulbs attached to heavy industrial pipes and surrounded by open-bottom cages spell industrial chic. Ever fancied repurposing barn wood mixed with antique cords and black, copper and brass hardware to house incandescent bulbs? Well, opt for such a cutting-edge yet nostalgic combination to bring warmth to your space if you love your quirk. At Klove, we customise industrial chandeliers as per your wish.

The ‘warehouse look’ has gained in currency across minimalist homes and modern offices, even making its way to open space decoration, showcasing an effusive blend of form and function in an uber-cool or urban style. Being seamless and flexible, it can merge into any decor scheme. At Klove, we’ve been at the forefront of the creative warehouse look bringing out lighting objects in stylised brass and gold finishes for an added element of luxe. From matted black to polished chrome to flow across the contemporary kitchen and the dining room, our sophisticated industry-style lighting fixtures are objects to be coveted.

Here’s a look at the coolest industrial lighting ideas:

Pop Goes the Colour

Even industrial lighting can be peppered by dashes of colours in a merry melange of shades. It doesn’t always have to be limited to antique finishes in polished nickel, matter black or molten gold. Even a burst of orange, green or yellow can bring an element of loveliness to your wall sconce to light up the reception area of your workspace or the hallway of your home.

The Glow of Tradition

A bit of mood-lifting tradition doesn’t hurt. Think suspended barrel-shaped brass pendants or caged Edison bulb lights perched above the conference table or chat room. They can elevate the tone of your otherwise drab or monochromatic office space. The best part? You can pair these quirky, yet functional lighting fixtures with your traditional office furniture. In fact, these whimsical additions would only give a ‘glow’ing makeover to the existing traditional accents.

Farmhouse Flair

A mix rustic or country-style decor and the industrial trend, this rustic chic industrial lighting design is all about metal mania. From hanging unique industrial lamps from an exposed beam, to suspending black metal barn lights over weathered wood pieces of furniture. Mix it up with bursts of greens — plants and flowers for the perfect mix of countryside charm with beaten industrial temper.

Steampunk Sensation

The term ‘steampunk’ refers to a space of fantasy where technology-enabled science fiction meets 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. The resultant look is irresistibly fashionable and makes use of lots of reclaimed pipes taking on shapes of familiar objects, or ‘twisting, turning’ chandeliers with incandescent light bulbs? Exposed brick, polished and unpolished metals and unfinished wood are its hallmark. This fantasy genre of lighting is generally preferred by professionals in the creative industry, and today, it resonates well with the young brigade of digital creators.

An Oasis of Light in the Outdoors

From the walkway to your office, to the patio of the garden leading to your home, outdoor lighting demands a different code of beauty, and here also industrial style fits in well with a series of low sidewalk lights. Experts also suggest the use of larger pole lamps, or strings of Edison bulbs to light a garden, patio or exterior space.

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