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Why Gorgeous Lighting is the Showstopper on a Fashion Runway

A fashion show is more than the sum total of brilliant clothes and beautiful people. Behind all the glitz and the glamour, a fashion show is as much the output of high-scale production values required to create stunning optics and a grandiose setting. Not to forget the feels, a sensual allure and lots of trend-setting talk.

The luxury lies in the details, or in this case, light.

From the flush of floodlights to the lustre of LED spotlights and the demure glow of dimmers, a lot goes into the creation of a theatrical effect. Take inspiration from Klove’s repertoire of large-scale light mounting options.

Poor lighting can take away from the beauty of painstakingly crafted clothes, taking away from the labour of time and work that the designer and the craftspersons must have invested in. As the fruit of the labour, so to say, the clothes are unveiled for the first time in front of the audience on a fashion runway, it is critical to set up the right ambience. Only the right lighting will spotlight the intricate details and design elements and enable the models to sweep the stage.

This is the age of instant criticism and social media live reviewing where photographs and videos are shared live, often leaving little time for editing. High-resolution photography means the light should be such that each picture clicked offers optimal clarity and poise. The light should enhance or complement the natural hues of the fabrics etc, but not alter it altogether.

Creatively mounted LED lights can spotlight inaccessible or underrepresented areas of the ramp. Klove offers LED lights in a wide range in a variety of colour temperatures, letting you play with the audiences’ mood.

As each garment comes in a distinctive hue, often in a play of shades, it is important that the lighting designer selects a suitable lighting scheme. Opt for a fashion runway light consultation or rental service at Klove, as our team of experienced lighting designers offer customised services in the sphere of cutting-edge runway lighting.

Both up lighting as well as overhead downlighting are critical. The purpose of up lighting is to eliminate any darkness that might be caused due to overhead down lighting, ensuring optimal viewing for the viewer. Shadows are a strict no-no and can ruin the look and feel of an outfit. Similarly, harsh lighting can kill the show.

It is important that your lighting designers tone down the use of too much bright lighting as an even distribution will keep the setting away from being too hot. Similarly, the use of too much shadowed light could result in an undesirably cold setting. Hence, colour temperatures should always be an intrinsic part of the lighting design. The colour temperature should neither be too blue or yellow.

So, if you are in the business of fashion, make sure to up the gorgeousness quotient of your lighting.

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