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Lights Up, Here’s Why Hotels Should Have Customised Colour Temperatures

According to a 2020 KPMG report, customer experience is the single biggest factor when determining profitability, sustainability and share of mind when it comes to the hospitality sector. In fact, it is critical for hotels to make their guests feel welcome and at ease – a concept better known as customer experience. Ambience is significant in shaping customer experience. And, what makes or breaks a pleasing and inviting ambience? Well, lights. Lighting is about look and feel, and also “the feels” and flavours. Klove’s design philosophy is woven around this fascinating concept of ambient lighting when it comes to designing colour temperatures for hotels. 

A world where first impressions rule it becomes imperative that when guests who have travelled for hours enter a hotel, a soothing, warm lighting scheme puts them into ease. It’s indeed a sensory play, a willing suspension of disbelief if you would like – the wondrous spell of light acting like a balm; to take off that tiredness.   

With the advent of LED, we can finally take advantage of colour temperature scales to set the right atmosphere in hotels. But what are colour temperatures? Colour temperature is measured in Kelvin (K), and there are three common ranges: Warm Light (2700K-3000K); Cool White (3000K-5000K); Daylight (5000K-6500K). Accordingly, the Klove colour temperature is set with the fuzzy warmth of an inviting candle light or the muted red or orange hue of the sunset. These are all examples of warm lighting. Warm lights are comforting and give a sense of relaxation and enjoyment. As the reading on the scales increases, the light becomes progressively whiter or ‘cooler’. Cool lights are what we associate with daytime, a time for productivity and focus.

The output of LEDs is not measured in Watts but in Lumens. This is advantageous as this means the output and the colour can be varied to suit the particular light needs. Use some warm and soothing lights for your dining hall so guests can indulge in their intimate moments or simple enjoy some privacy. Klove’s optimal cooler light palettes are suited to complement conference rooms so that guests can take care of work during business hours. The advances in lighting technology mean any given space can have multiple lighting sources giving more richness and subtlety to the overall decor.

Klove is driven by the mantra of customising each and every aspect of lighting such that patrons can be treated to a superior customer experience as per their rhythm and rhyme.

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