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The Beautiful Trend of Bejewelled Lighting

Luminous, luscious, dark, deep, glittering, gleaming… Well, the word jewel conjures an image of sparkle. When shine and shimmer marry glitter and glimmer, it’s a marriage of light and love.

In the luxuryscape of homes, jewel tones signify decadence and drama harking back to the opulence of the olden times. And, like all things rich and romantic that reign in imagination like good old nostalgia, jewel tones bring alive a sensuous play of luxury and style. Think ruby red, amethyst purple, sparkling sapphire, deep jade, enchanting emerald, and think of how these gemstone colours are able to lend richness and symbolic depth to the surroundings. If you crave the sultriness of the look and yet are a minimalist at heart, opt for bright or neutral lighting for enhanced yet not overdone effect.

Take the aura to another level with a scintillating chandelier. At Klove, we harness an ultra-classic range of traditional-style as well as nouveau-style geometric chandeliers for that bejewelled lighting look. Choose from glass, candle or crystal, and styles that range from contemporary-penthouse chic to hill-resort elegance.

Brass, copper, gold and silver — metallics add a dash of sharp glamour to any living room or bedroom. From a vintage-vibe-approved distressed silver chandelier to a contemporary gold lighting fixture, there’s no rule to get metallics right. Playful is the right cue when it comes to picking these light pieces. Klove’s repertoire of silver luminescence and brass dazzle represents a spectrum of multifaceted metallics. There’s nothing daintier than brass lighting — both bright yet earthy to complement jewel tones, especially the moody sapphire in your living room setting. Interior décor experts suggest that brass and copper combine magically with emerald greens and sapphire blues.

Klove channels the beautiful trend of ‘bejewelled lighting’ that cuts the monotony and mundaneness of regular lighting. And, the secret is you don’t have to own a plush villa to channel this look, it can even be your slice of urban escape where you want to add a dash of drama.

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