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Why Sleek Industrial Lights Are The New Glam

Industrial is no more pure ‘rustic’. In fact, the most enlightening aspect of modern industrial lighting is its emphasis on a sleek-metal look. It is anything but the raw, rugged, warehouse-wow look of the past.

While old-school industrial lights typically bring warehouse styles to mind, its contemporary cousin is free from the retro baggage. The result is a sleek-metal look and art-like metal fixtures. At Klove, we hail this evolution in industrial lighting. Our industrial lights collection is a testament to the taste of our discerning home aesthetes, our patrons who can choose from a gallery of  pendant lights and wall lights.

Modern retro lighting designs can lend a sleek makeover to your kitchen, dining area or living room wall. 

Industrial-style lighting can infuse sophisticated glam to any décor from traditional to modern. Earlier, “brutal”, “unfinished” were some of the words associated with the classic industrial style. In the 21st-century décor book, modern industrial lighting blends polished retro and high-voltage glam.

Klove is at the forefront of pioneering the shift in the tone and tenor of contemporary industrial lights. Move away from the  run-of-the-mill metallic shades of silver and bronze, and dip into our sensuous copper tones, Insta-worthy matte blacks and golds, signifying tasteful luxury that is free of conventional mores. Think beyond industrial-style interior staples like pipes that create the machine or the ‘factory look’. Low-hanging chain pendant lights can play the suitable accent for your bar or home lounge. Cage structures that shelter lamps and lampshades can infuse optimal drama.

“Exposed bulbs” are the new darling of vintage meeting functional chic. An exposed lightbulb in a lamp or light fitting is right for edgy glam. At Klove, we house an eye-popping collection of custom retro bulbs.

Wall lights are a great accent to elevate the industrial lighting look. They are also great for target or focus lighting in those areas that are usually not covered by conventional lighting patterns.

The key is keeping it clean and subtle. Opt for statement pieces. Focus on specific areas. A space featuring industrial lighting elements or a central piece can disrupt the traditional notion of a space and act as a dramatic divider while also being functional.

Think of a mesh cage housing an exposed bulb. Think romance that is lit by novelty. 

Let gritty meet glam.

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