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Time-travel to Goa in the ’70s: The Happy Blend of Palm Trees, Tropical Foliage and Fruits in Wondrous Lighting

With renewed optimism in the air, it’s time to revisit Klove’s ‘The Goa Collection’, a tribute to the wonders and mysteries of the iconic 1970s era of Goa. Goa is the OG hippy nation — this was also the time when the world was gripped by bell bottoms and the disco fever — and hippies around the world turned to this beach haven seeking freedom, revelry and tranquillity.

Inspired by the exotic flora, fauna and foliage of the tropical paradises of the world, Klove’s iconic 2019 collection is a treat for nature lovers. Reiterating the eternal bond of humans and nature, the collection is especially true for the current times with its emphasis on eco-friendly elements.

From the design scheme to the colour palette, all details come together to tell a visual story woven by palm trees, tropical foliage and fruits. Recreating the ’70s Goa vibe, the designs draw inspiration from the pure beaches and exotic foliage of Goa and harness materials such as rattan, metal, veneer and hand-blown glass. From quirky chandeliers to larger-than-life wall installations and decorative fixtures, the collection is an ode to Indian craftsmanship.

The entire collection is a mood; it is Klove’s philosophy that an object of design should be more than a decorative object, it should evoke an emotion, it should take you on a sensorial journey. Likewise, ‘Goa House light’ diffuses soft, hazy shadows to mimic the gentle leaves of a palm tree in the natural habitat of Goa, while the ‘Wall Sconce’ is a tropical-inspired wall piece made with leaves in varying shapes and sizes, interspersed between coconut-shell lamps to create a subtle and warm atmosphere. That’s not all. The ‘Fern Chandelier’ draws inspiration from tropical ferns, featuring numerous hand-blown spherical glass structures that are stacked together to create the illusion of a wild plant sprouting out of its core. Light sources are concealed and only radiate through the glass forms, allowing the light to gracefully dance from one sphere to another. The breezy elements, the play of light and shadow, the rhythmic movements of waves and wind mirrored in the curves of design would transport you to the lilting lyricism of the land.

Flowing from neo-classical to contemporary styles, the pieces reverberating with modern realism and imaginative nostalgia would be apt for any globe-trotter’s home built upon the ethos of timeless beauty and grace.

What’s more, the design book is also replete with references to the Hawaiian design craze of the 1940s, the high tropical-Havana style of the 1950s, and the more recent Floridian and Caribbean decorating flourishes of the 1980s, making the collection a seamless transition in moments and moods.

If you are looking at tropical styles in lighting and interior design, you should keep this checklist in mind:

● Common motifs in tropical-themed furnishings, accent, wallpaper and lighting design are drawn from tropical flowers (orchids, bird of paradise, hibiscus), fruits and animals, from tropical birds and tropical fish to monkeys and jungle cats.
● Tropical-themed furniture and furnishings dive into woven rattan, wicker, bamboo and other natural elements.
● Casual-looking accent furniture in teak and lightly stained or lightly distressed woods channelling hybrid styles are also popular.
● From vibrant shades to muted earth tones, greens, beiges and creams, the palette is peppy to earthy.
● Keeping the code cool and comfortable with easy-breezy grace and elegance thrown in, tropical lighting leverages the above-mentioned trends of the tropical theme as seen in interior decor and furniture design. The idea is to keep it playful and ‘light’.

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