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2022 Interior Book: Lighting Trends in the Hospitality Industry

Here’s what you need to consider about aspects of modern lighting if you are in the hospitality industry.

Consult a lighting designer

Whether designing or redesigning a property, consulting a lighting designer is of paramount importance. Live, Design, Light – this is the mantra that lighting designers at Klove swear by. Equipped with the knowledge of latest trends, they can bring valuable insights into integrating the lighting scheme with the surrounding interior design and architectural elements. They’re also up-to-date with industry regulations and can thus streamline brand synergy across multiple properties, and strategize on reducing company costs.

Natural light is your best friend

Most of us spend a large portion of our lifetime indoors. This applies to even living-out-of-a-suitcase business travellers who end up spending most of their work trips or workcations inside office spaces. Even leisure travellers are known to rely on the comfort and luxuries of indoor spaces while vacationing (especially during inclement weather). Natural light boosts energy efficiency and positivity, reduces lighting costs while making your space a part of organic design.

Transition matters

Transitions between differently lit areas should not be abrupt or jarring. A brightly lit area should transition to a softly lit corner in an artistic manner. Klove specialises in transitional lighting for hallways, doorways, alcoves and smaller intermittent areas to let them serve as intelligent spatial disruptors.

Drama meets practicality in lobby lighting

The lobby area of a hotel is the first gateway for your guest to soak in the hotel view and taste. Design practicality and drama should merge in this space. Design elements should not be too overbearing or unconventional so that a guest has a tough time figuring out the reception desk. Experts at Klove can work out the right ambient and glow lighting schemes to suitably highlight areas demanding high visibility. Ideally, the hotel entrance should be able to lift stress off your guest’s mind and entice her to dive into the hotel environment. Overall, the lobby can include decorative lighting elements, including target lighting for seating areas, storage and concierge.

Enhancing performance through lighting

Think theatrical, think performance-enhancing lighting. In comes Klove’s suite of track lighting, spotlights and floodlights that can be leveraged to highlight special areas. They are tailored to lend a theatrical effect. They can set the mood for special celebrations, private parties, trade shows, fashion shows, conferences, premiers at a hotel.

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