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Colours and Patterns to Light Up Your Homes in 2022

Art deco in a subtle statement, sustainable design or layered lighting — what’s aspirational and trending in 2022? While this might be too early in the year for trend talk, we at Klove take a look at some of the emerging, and what looks like enduring lighting trends in 2022.

The Appeal of Art Deco

Whoever said Art Deco has never really fallen out of fashion was right, only it’s subtler. This classic style is once again raiding interior design and lighting stores in a behemoth of sleek pendant lights. Drawing details from the gorgeous 1930s, softened scalloped edges, a trace of marble, a subdued dash of bronze, are all pleasant reincarnations of the nostalgic times.

Floored by Floor Lamps

Looks like slender floor lamps emitting elegance are going to be everyone’s favourite this season. As consumers continue to spend quality time at home, despite a parallel rise in outdoor activities, charming, yet charismatic lighting pieces are ruling the roost. They embody the essence of value and convenience with a sense of beauty. Choose from an array of must-have floor lamps in marble, stone or metallic finishes at Klove studio. If you are a lover of longevity, marble should be your muse, but we suggest you pick a marble and metallic blend for added edge. They would surely uplift your weekend conversations.

Sensually Yours, Scalloped Edges

There’s something eternally romantic about scalloped edges. They are enchanting, yet modern. Fall for the wavy curves that would gently lull you to their rhythmic visual motion, as you bring home scalloped lighting beauties to elevate your space.
This look is not archaic and fits in well in contemporary living rooms. Go for controlled chic and hang pendant lights with scalloped edges above the dining table, in the hallway, or even the terrace.

For a sustainable future

As the world woke up, battled and lived through the pandemic, design turned towards sustainability as a long-term thrust. Consumers, designers, artists, brands, consultants, thought leaders and influencers alike decided to partake of the eco-conscious dialogue. As brands started sensitising customers about clean design, buyers, in turn, came pre-informed and made conscious choices. This resulted in a renewed interest in everything sustainable, and a surge in demand for artisanal and handmade products, impacting the space of lighting as well.
Customers in the lighting space are looking for cleaner options. They demand transparency, they want to know about the maker or the craftsperson who has made the piece, they want more information about the ethical values the brand espouses.

At Klove, we are committed to the ethos of clean living and design that is good for the planet. We are proud to work with skilled artisans across India at our atelier where they showcase their skills through handblown glass lighting installations. Organic, rattan, wooden beads and natural textures are the materials to look out for if you want a sustainable boho chic look.

Love for Linear Lighting

This new year, we are already seeing the dominance of long lines and simplified silhouettes, which are dismantling the hegemony of intricate designs. We are not yet dismissing the bold and beautiful chandelier, but we are rooting for this trend of precision and seamlessness, and an overall symmetrical look. They scream contemporary and go well with modern spaces, from rectangular tables to modular kitchens. Opt for a pendant light from Klove’s bunch flaunting the alluring long lines.

Gentle Lighting for the Gentle Soul

If maximalism miffs you, here’s your option to choose the soothing balm of light, one that soothes the soul. Instead of popping out or craving attention like statement lights, these gentler fixtures ease into a room, diffusing it with a subtle light. It may be subtle, but don’t underestimate its repressed aura that would still alter the mood of the space without offending the senses.

The gentle lighting theme complements the light, open and airy look. Its gift of ‘disappearing into a space makes it so unmistakably cool, where the vibe is to let your individuality be discovered rather than screamed away.

Room-Specific Lighting, the Need of the Hour
Not all rooms require the same kind of lighting. Rooms differ in scale, purpose and mood, and lighting should complement that. As lighting designers say that for a coastal theme, it’s best to opt for a rattan lamp or simple glass pendants. For a more traditional look, sconces or flush mounts would be an organic fit.

Layering Lights for Ease and Drama

This year is going to witness the continuing presence of layered lighting, continuing to replace the conventional outlook of one light for all purposes. Multiple fixtures in a gamut of lamps and overhead diffusive lights could be your best bet to dress up expansive spaces like living rooms. Let there be a chandelier as the chief accent, but adding meaningful layers of diverse lighting sources would only augment the space and make it more purposeful. Some of the industry buzzwords are recessed lighting, directional art lighting, wall sconces and accent lamps as well as dimmer switches and separate controls for each source cut out for versatility.

Space for Art

It seems like the space theme has got everyone hooked during the times of work-from-home. Space-themed tabletop lighting accents have invaded the desk. Some of the widely featured styles that we can’t help but love are bobbly Dalek-like bases and space Invader ‘bodies’!

So, this year, let good vibes and cheerful imagination take over as you light up your home.

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