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Lights, Camera, Home Theatre: Three Quick Tips for the Netflix Generation

With the advent of multiple global and regional streaming platforms in India, the OTT generation is a legitimate category of residents of homes. Loosely known as the ‘Netflix and Chill’ consumer, millennials or Gen Y, believe in bringing the theatre home, more so, during the pandemic that has brought work-from-home and even love-at-home.

Architecture marries lighting

Placement of light to set up a home theater space is all about creating a grand experiential. The wrong lighting scheme can have a negative effect on the experience. Light blended into spatial architecture can create a seamless viewing experience, setting the tone for privacy and bringing an element of mystery. From column lights, cove lighting, step lighting to a star ceiling, options for blending lighting fixtures into the space abound at Klove.

Getting the tone of darkness right

While windows are usually a big boon to usher in natural light, they can be a big turn-off for creating optimal darkness required to create a home theatre space. In fact, the tone and tenor of darkness matters a lot. Covering the glass with acoustic blackout curtains or shades is a trending look. Folks, for the feels of a fashionable home theatre experience, let noir be your date.

‘A’ for accent lighting

But that’s not to suggest a complete blackout! Trust a tiny slice of ambient lighting to help you locate the remote or coffee and snack interludes with your chosen company without inviting awkwardness. Choose from Klove’s galaxy of accent or mood lights to pep up the character of your private home theatre. Install a cove ceiling to hide lighting fixtures. Let indirect lighting illuminate the space without creating shadows. Klove recommends wall sconces marking wall areas and floor lights highlighting subtly to up the game.

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